Ali Bullivent

Ali Bullivent is a singer songwriter who has worked for many years as a solo artiste and with a variety of bands. She has spent some time living in Zambia and Zimbabwe running music projects and working with local artists and has created musical magic with artists from a variety of different cultures. She has lived in Wakefield for 15 years and was a founder member of Pendant World which brought together Indian, Irish and English musicians to create original music with instruments including veena, guitar and marimba. She also set up Jaligumbo, a group of Zimbabwean and British musicians who enjoyed performing at a number of festivals and events. Ali has been responsible for putting on a large number of World Music concerts in the locality, including at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield Cathedral and the Orangery. Last year she brought out a new solo album called 'The Wakefield Album'. She is also an accomplished community choir leader and community music arts facilitator.

Jane Muller

Jane Muller, singer and song writer, has written several songs for The Imba Basi Band inspired by the African sun, the spirit of adventure and honouring our ancestors. She also plays various percussion instruments in the band.

In recent years she has discovered the joy of the djembe, playing in local drumming circles, and has performed at various events in Yorkshire including the Long Division Music Festival in Wakefield; SHUFest, Sheffield and Leeds World Feast Festival.

Jane has organised and participated in drumming workshops in schools; Armley prison; and Sheffield Hallam University and plays weekly with Djembe Ollin in Wakefield. She has attended djembe classes with master drummers and teachers, including Iya Sako, djembe master from Guinea, West Africa; Sidiki Dembele, from Ivory Coast and Hans Sutton from London.

Xolani Mbatha

Xolani Mbatha is originally from South Africa, descendent of the Zulu tribe. He has been involved with music from a very young age, singing traditional zulu songs, gospel, classical and opera. An original member of the Tirisano National Youth Choir, he represented South Africa in the Music Olympics in Bremen Germany 2004.

Since 2005 he has toured around the world with the England-based theatre company Mighty Zulu Nation. They have performed in the Abu Dhabi Summer Festival and various events aimed at encouraging children to engage with African music and dance. He has shared stages with great musicians and performed at high profile charity events attended by the Royal Family.

He is currently a cast member of Zulu Tradition, a theatre group that performs traditional zulu songs, drum rhythms and dance around the UK and overseas. Recent performances have included a Red Cross Charity Fund Raiser at Drury Lane Theatre, London.

Xolani plays djembe and sings deep harmonies in the Imba Basi Band, as well as offering zulu lyrics which enrich our songs with the sounds of Africa.

Jonathan Dore

Jonathan Dore's early musical influences were church music, classical violin and orchestras. Later he focussed on guitar/vocals; an interest in the mandolin for its drama and ukelele for entertainment! His earliest musical influences encompass Irish & English folk at home, alongside Vivaldi, Grieg and Gregorian chant at school, bundled up with Blues and Rock n Roll sustaining him as his pilgrimage continued. Latin American guitar/vocalists encountered during time in South America such as Silvio Rodriguez, inspired him to aim higher still. The new African influences of our band weave yet another cross-cultural strand, coupled with the thrill of composing and creative improvisation which Jonathan has embraced as his musical journey continues.